Collaboration by ceramic artist, Janine Sopp of Glyph Designs and Barbara Galazzo, of Galazzo Glass

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Ceramic artist, Janine Sopp of Glyph Designs, in collaboration with Barbara Galazzo, of Galazzo Glass, have joined creative forces to launch a new line of tiles and lighting, incorporating colorful, fused glass with rich and textural clay. Introduced for the first time to the trade and public at the 2009 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, and possibly for the first time ever, is the collective effort of blending works in clay with works in glass.

With a background in fashion and textile design, and a passion for glass, Sopp fills her work with texture, pattern and color, and plays with concepts of juxtaposing matte and gloss glazes with bits of glass. As a former dancer and potter, who turned to glass more than a decade ago, Galazzo uses the medium to stir up emotions through color and fluidity.
Because of both women’s overlapping disciplines and aesthetic, as well as their long-standing relationship in business and friendship, it seemed inevitable that their coming together would come to pass. With their desire to be innovative with color and interesting combinations, they are only just beginning to realize the multitude of expressions, both individually as well as collectively, while maintaining their own integrity.

In addition to these exciting pieces, Ms. Sopp continues to create an evolving, connecting series of wall art tiles, which can be customized for any space. These hand drawn “paintings” are colored with rich, earth tones and are decorated with flashes of brightly colored glass. Circular, jewelryike forms connect from piece to piece like a puzzle, or a map that moves through Time & Space. This Time & Space Collection is now delineated as Abstract Time and Abstract Space, the former using bits of bright glass embedded into the swirling ground.


Janine has continued to respond to her inner sculptor and guide, as her deeper self uses the Raku method of firing to engage in a dialogue of ancient mysteries. Deep, smoky surfaces carry subtle messages from former time, to be studied at length. This mysterious, lustrous quality that weaves in and out of the surface and peers from behind small openings invites the viewer to step into its ever-present meditation.





All these collections, and more, can be viewed by appointment at Glyph Designs showroom, located in the GMDC in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. For further information, contact Janine Sopp by telephone or email  Please visit our web site at Custom orders and commissions are welcomed.


Mr. Taylor holds degrees from Middlebury College in Vermont, the San Francisco Art Institute, and New York University. He is recognized for his talents as a fine artist and has shown his paintings in the U.S. and Europe. His pottery can be seen in collections at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York, the Oakland (CA) Museum, the City of Taipei (Taiwan) Museum, and in the collection of the city of San Francisco.

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